About American Jewish College

AJC has a worldwide scholarship program. AJC scholarships offer intense international experience and opportunities for professional, academic and personal development. Project has been in existence since 2012 and has benefited people who have had the chance to establish social, cultural, academic and business ties with students around the world.

Scholarships to Guatemala, Brazil and Honduras

The American Jewish College is giving Judaic Studies scholarships to Guatemalans, Brazilians and Hondurans.  

Check out the prerequisites and how to apply and get a student visa! Registration opens October 7th and closes October 21st, 2019.

Benefits of Scholarships

The American Jewish College scholarships cover the tuition in Jewish studies. The student will pay only for the college administrative fees, student visa at the US Consulate of your city/country and housing, food and transportation costs.

Who can apply for AJC

Candidates from any practice area and above 18 years. Other expected features of a fellow are:

  • Demonstrate intellectual ability, and have leadership potential;
  • Have at least basic knowledge of the Bible and about Israel. Desire to return to their home country after completing their studies to use knowledge acquired in the United States;
  • Desire to connect with other fellows while studying in the United States and also after returning to their home country;
  • Have a very clear idea of ​​how the course you will take can benefit your home country.
  • The World Jewish Confederation with partnership with the American Jewish College of New York are giving Judaic studies scholarships to these countries who are moving their embassies to Jerusalem, Israel.

Click here to apply.

Scholarships to Sephardic Jews

Since 2015, Spain and Portugal have naturalized between them more than 10,000 people who applied after for citizenship based on their Jewish ancestry, officials from those countries said.

Israel, which used to provide Portugal with no more than a few dozen new citizens per year before 2015, provided 4,289 applications in 2018 — the second-highest number of any country after Brazil. Israelis submitted more applications for naturalization than even former Portuguese colonies like Cape Verde (4,259) and Angola (1,953).

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