Support our Chaplains

Support our Chaplains

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Jewish Chaplaincy

Our Chaplains are there for all Jewish soldiers, hospital patients and college students to provide a warm, non-judgmental, vibrant, inclusive and inspiring Jewish environment. The Jewish Chaplaincy International together with Beit Chai created this app for a better connection with the communities, specially those who feel lonely, isolated, and alone to share with others.

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The bringing of Israel closer to people through culture, discussion, news, studies, webinars, etc. We totally understand that there is a NEED now for this interaction. With your help, the World Jewish Confederation through the “CHAI PROJECT”, will be able to join the dots to make this projects very successful.

According to the Rabbi “Sefer Yetzirah”, the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet are the building blocks of the universe. He explains that there is a connection between objects and ideas that have the same Gematria (numerical equivilant), or other letter connections. Thus in some way, anything that equals 18 has a connection to Chai/Life. There are both positive and negative words that equal 18.

Ohavi – my beloved = 18
Aivah – a type of hatred = 18
Cheit – sin = 18

Perhaps, this teaches us that we can transform hatred into love, and that through Teshuvah (Repentance) we can transform sin (which is deadly) into life.

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Thank you for  supporting Israel with your contribution. When giving charity, the number 18 (CHAI=life) expresses our prayer that the merit of the charity given stand in our good stead, that we blessed with life and prosperity. For all the many commandments in the Torah, Jews are reminded these are the commandments “v’chai bahem,” that you will live through them. It’s also a reminder of how a person should live, in accordance with the commandments and as ethical, moral beings.

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