EMET’s 11th Anniversary Dinner

EMET’s 11th Anniversary Dinner

Last Wednesday, June 14, in Washington DC, Mrs. Sarah Stern promoted her EMET’s 11th Anniversary Dinner.

The Rays of Light in the Darkness Dinner began with a reception where people got to meet the honorees and other VIP guests, and then hear from them and honor them at the awards dinner.

The Rays of Light in the Darkness ​awards dinner is the nation’s premier event that strengthens leaders who speak the truth about Israel and the Middle East, despite the political cost they face every day.

EMET is the first organization of its kind to honor these speakers of truth who stand up in the face of deception and violence, sometimes at great political or physical risk to themselves and their loved ones.

EMET provides research and analysis which challenges misrepresentations and never bows to political correctness. EMET develops close working relationships with Senators and Members of Congress, and provides them with the information and analysis they need, while combating efforts by other interest groups to influence Congress with misrepresentations about Israel and the Middle East. EMET provides fact-based briefings to Senators, Members of Congress, their staff, and the general public.

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